Monday, 16 May 2016

Natalie Lamb and the Determination to Stay Organised

Soon, it will be one month since starting my PhD. Now that is a scary thought! I feel like I have not really finished anything or started anything. But my furiously cluttered diary begs to differ.

Last week I visited the university for the first of my weekly visits. The whole day was spent on trying to organise a desk, getting an IT account, sorting out the desktop computer etc. It felt like I got no work done at all. But, again, really that kind of stuff was just as important at actually putting pen to paper (or figure to keyboard, I guess!). I came away feeling that next week I will be so prepared. Plus, when I came into work on Friday, I could tick off another item on my ever looming To Do list.

Then there was calendar synchronisation. It was quite a nightmare. My work calendar is in Outlook and seems completely incapable of working with Gmail, so I update it manually and separately when at work. My personal calendar is a Gmail calendar and is synced with my boyfriend’s Gmail calendar, both of which are updated on my phone. My new university one is also Gmail. So when I first thought everything was set up right, I ended up telling everyone at university when I was going to the cinema on Wednesday night (got to love Meerkat Movies!). But now it is sorted and beautiful!

My calendars, combined with my messy diary to do lists, really show me what I’ve been up to and how I’ve been progressing over the past weeks. So, really, I’m doing OK. Now to start some sort of a literature review!

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