Thursday, 25 August 2016

Natalie Lamb and the Contents of a PhD Student's Bag

 I was writing a post about what new students in industry should expect on their first day and realised I had not covered what they should bring with them. I thought a quick post about what I am lugging around every day might tie in nicely.

So firstly, my actual bag. Look at it! It's amazing! I wanted something that was formal enough for work but also subtly super cool. I'm not one to brag but I nailed it!

What do I carry around in my excellent bag?
1. Health and Safety passport- a small book that I have to keep near me at work because it contains the details of all of my training
2. A document holder containing some important papers e.g. my most updated supervisor meeting notes, expenses forms, general research documents that I think I will have to refer to regularly
3.  A diary, where I write meeting notes and to do lists for the day. I find it easier to use a diary rather than a normal notebook because it is easier to find specific notes if you know the date of the meeting.
4. Stationary: loads of pens, one pencil, a rubber, paperclips, highlighter
5. Water bottle, smoothie bottle, coffee cup, lunchbox
6. Battery pack, Fitbit charger, phone charger (both work and personal), both phones and headphones
7. Other useful things: hairband, comb, paracetamol, car/house keys, purse

And there we have it. Exciting!

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