Monday, 24 July 2017

Natalie Lamb and the 5 Employment Tips

5 Quick Tips for Employment: What do you know?

1. Do you know when all the application deadlines are?

2. Do you know what the recruiters want? 
Try to search their website and the job description for key terms such as: communication, teamwork, motivation, problem solving, organisational skills, leadership potential. Make sure you have an example lined up for times you have demonstrated each one of those skills.

3. Do you know the industry/company?
What is their most interesting or biggest project? Who are their competitors? 

4. Do you know what a good application form looks like?
Make sure you tailor the application form to the company and that specific application. Demonstrate their key competencies in your answers. Make sure you follow the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format.
One thing I always do us save the information from my application forms. If you get through to the interview stage, it will be important to remember what you said or you may have to redo all of your research.

5. Prove you know what it takes to make an employee at interview
You have done your homework so do your best to make the most of it. Think, even if you do not get the position, it might be just the interview practice you needed to land your dream job in future. 

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