Monday, 16 October 2017

Natalie Lamb and The Brilliant Club- What did my pupils enjoy most about The Brilliant Club?

As part of my final session with my first Brilliant Club pupils, I asked them to provide feedback on how they think the course went. One of the questions I asked them was what did they enjoy most about The Brilliant Club.

Not only was this to see how they found the course went but also how I could improve it for my next pupils. As well as helping improve their reflective skills.

What did the pupils say?

The pupils said the thing they enjoyed the most was the learning, the new extra-curricula content. I found this very encouraging because, in my opinion, the most important quality a pupil can have is to enjoy learning. This is not something which can be taught, at least I do not think so.

Vising a university also came very high on the list, which is unsurprising for me because I think getting to go to a real university would probably be very high on my list if I had been a part of the programme as a pupil. I know very few people who visited a university at all before college-age.

I was quite impressed that course content came quite high, with presentations, class discussion and models of cells together being as popular as learning. It showed me that presentations and class discussion should be included in my next placement. I also found this reflected how I felt the classes had gone.

The below graph shows everything the pupils enjoyed and in relation to each other.


 What was my favourite comment? 

I love that one pupil said that their favourite thing was to be treated like a university student. This is something I really tried hard to reinforce in my class. That we were there doing university work
and that, in that class, they were university students.

What were the quotes?
  • "I was able to learn new things and write a very long essay at my age. I also enjoy visiting university and meeting new people. Passing my exam."
  • "I enjoyed visiting Nottingham University and learning about the Ebola virus disease."
  • "I enjoyed going on the trip to Nottingham. I also enjoyed learning about Ebola."
  • "Presentation. Talking to other[s], explaining my views."
  • "We got to visit a university. We got treated like uni students."
  • "Everything"
  • "Being able to learn to more of a higher standard. Having more freedom to share our ideas. Working in smaller, closer groups."
  • "Learning new skills. The presentation process."
  • "I passed."
  • "It was a new opportunity and I learned new things."
  • "Having fun and passing and getting chocolate. Models of cells. AKA everything."

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