Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Natalie Lamb and Top 10 General Speaker Questions

I am on a committee, of sorts, organising a half day training event in leadership and management. As part of the organising committee, it is important to have questions prepared for the speakers, in case the audience doesn't. It can also be a way of boosting the confidence of the audience, making them more likely to ask their own questions. Below is a list of the top 10 general questions (that I could think of!) to prepare to ask a guest speaker or presenter. There are also some extra questions specific to networking, that can be found in this post.

1. What will be the biggest challenge to the water sector in the future?

2. Is/how is management within the water sector different to management in other industries?

3. How has leadership changed in the past, compared to today?

4. What is the biggest challenge for future leaders?

5. What is the greatest opportunity that future leaders will have that current leaders do not?

6. What are the most important skills for the next generation to have?

7. What is the most important think that you want your audience to remember about your presentation?

8. What do you want your audiences to do differently as a result of having heard your presentation?

9. How do you think the current political climate will impact the water industry going forwards?

10. How do you think the use of social media will impact the water industry going forwards?

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