Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Natalie Lamb and The Brilliant Club- What did my pupils enjoy most about The Brilliant Club: Autumn 2017?

Feedback and Reflection

As part of my final session with my Brilliant Club pupils, I like to ask them to provide feedback on how they think the course went. I asked them how The Brilliance Club had an impact on them, what the thing was they found most challenging, what they enjoyed most, one way in which it could be improved, one fact/thing they had learned and what extra information would they have liked to have known.

This process is important to improve the reflective skills of the pupils, as they think back to what they ave learned and how they have progressed during the process. It also helps me, as I am able to found out, anonymously, how they felt the course actually went for them and how I could improve it for my next pupils.

So what did I actually learn?

  • I found out that The Brilliant Club most impacted pupils by giving them a taste of the university experience. They felt that it challenged and improved their future prospects and they learned a lot of new information. 
  • They overwhelming found the final assignment most challenging, closely followed by the homework that had to be completed. 
  • The pupils most enjoyed the university visits but also enjoyed learning new things and attending the tutorials.
  • Some pupils thought The Brilliant Club would be improved if there was less work but other pupils felt like they would have wanted a longer course. May pupils wanted to have a greater choice in their topic studied.

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