Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Natalie Lamb and the 80 litre challenge

I participated in a Smarter Drop Challenge with Anglian Water in February, where I completed a daily water diary and a weekly water meter reading in an attempt to see if I could get my daily water usage to be under 80l/person/day. After getting over the first hurdle in the challenge (finding my water meter, which you can read more about it in this post), the real challenge began. One month of water saving.

Week One
I used the figures given to me my the people running the challenge to calculate the total water use using the water diary. I was surprised at how much water was used washing my hands. I didn't take a meter reading before I began so didn't add a meter reading column.

Week Two
Finally got my meter reading and it worked out to be 71 l/pp/day. Win! The most usage seemed to be from washing hands still.

Week Three
I used slightly less water this week because of washing my hands less- not necessarily a good thing!

Week Four
I managed to use less water again this week, using the water diary. It doesn't reflect in the meter reading because of how low the values are.

Week Five
I didn't take a meter reading this week because it wasn't a full week.

Overall the challenge went well and I managed to stick to below the 80l. I found the water diary difficult and time consuming to complete, even though I produced a Google Sheet to make it easier.