Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Natalie Lamb and the Brilliant Club worksheet

I had a Brilliant Club tutorial yesterday with primary school-aged children. I had to find a way to keep the class entertained while providing 1:1 feedback with the other pupils. The link for the full worksheet can be found here.

The Activities 

1. The first activity was getting pupils to add their names, so the worksheets didn't get mixed up

 2. The second activity was for them to circle which university I go to. I included this because lots of the pupils were getting confused, thinking I study at the Launch Trip university. They were also quite interested just seeing the map itself and seeing where my university is in relation to them.

 3. Next was a word search, for a bit of fun and to start the discussion about what the pupils think I am studying and what I'm actually studying. The words they had to look for were: Natalie, Lamb, science, engineering and water.

 4. They had to circle what qualification I am studying, a recap from the Launch Trip. They had to choose between undergraduate, MSc and PhD.

 5. ... and how long my PhD lasts for

 6. Some more fun- some colouring in of the word science.

7. They had to guess which of the below I am: scientist, engineer, author, teacher or student. I am a scientists= studying as a student to get my engineering PhD. We also went on to discuss that I publish work, like an author and I also deliver lessons, like a teacher.

 8. The below is another question that got some good discussion. It wasn't intended for them to get the right answer, just for them to talk about what I do. It depicted a photo of me in front of a pipe rig and asked them what do you think I'm doing in this photo.

 9. With this question, I was trying to sneak in a fun fact about how varied university is and how it is for anyone, no matter what their interests are. It asked which of the following are real clubs and societies: netball, scuba diving, quidditch, baking, eating and horses.

 10. This last question showed an image I produced for a competition at the University of Sheffield last year. I called it "My comic book doctoral life" and it ended up winning first place. I thought it gave pupils a bit of an insight into my work and life and also make them think about what their own image would look like.

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