Sunday, 3 June 2018

Natalie Lamb and the 4 steps to overcome challenges

Underplanning means you are likely to be setting goals and prioritising them, resulting in you working less efficiently. 

Overplanning is a waste of time.

In a previous post, I have spoken about goals and prioritisation but I wanted to talk about it in more detail in this post. What are the 4 steps to overcome a challenge?

1. Identify your challenges
Are you trying to overcome challenges in your research field?
Kevin Byron (2018)

In your research activity?
Kevin Byron (2018)

Or in your professional life?
Kevin Byron (2018)

2. Write your challenge
Avoid using short sentences in your challenge by adding some context and some facts. Start them using "How might I" to focus on how you are going to overcome these challenges. What does success look like?

3. Produce SMART goals
Interpret your challenge into goals which you can overcome.

  • Specific: What is the specific task?
  • Measurable: What are the measureable parameters?
  • Achievable: Is the task feasible?
  • Realistic: Are sufficient resources available?
  • Time-bound: What are the start and end dates?

4. Produce a Gantt Chart
You know what your end goals are, now it is time to work out all the steps that need to be taken before you can can get there. It is best to start at the end goal and work your way backwards.