Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Natalie Lamb and Travel: Glasgow, Scotland

I have recently been to Glagow for the first time for a conference and so did some research on where to go and what to do, especially if you enjoy video games like I do. I thought I would share the info, in case I go again in future or if anyone else in interested.

Things To Do

The Cloisters
I have included the cloisters from The University of Glasgow on this list because I saw photos of them everyone in Glagow and thought I just had to go. They can be found in the main building on the campus, as though you are heading to the Hunterian Zoology Museum but they are located on the ground floor, rather than above for the museum. They are actually not that impressive, if I'm being honest. I was expecting long underground tunnels but it was very short. They are pretty and iconic though and obviously free to view, with them being a part of the university.
Actually, I thought the outside of the building looked more impressive!

Hunterian Zoology Museum
I visited the zoology museum, which had interesting skeletons in showing the different organisms. Worth a quick 10 minutes look around for free. I would recommend going to the Hunterian Museum, however.

Hunterian Museum
I thought this was a really interesting museum, chock full of things in jars- a great place to take a biologist! It is free to enter and contains three areas of interesting things to see.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
I had wanted to come here, a very pretty museum which was another free one. I did, unfortunately run out of time but I did manage to see it from the university.

I chose to come to Yesbar because I wanted to see some comedy but it was a Wednesday. There was comedy on and it was a Wednesday but it was pretty empty. We were late starting. There was a lot of heckling. I wouldn't recommend it on a week day.
Photo Credit: Yesbar

Tokyo Toys
A good-sized Tokyo Toys, great for plushies and other merch from animes etc.
Photo Credit: Yelp

Forbidden Planet
Very close to Glasgow Queen Street Station. Great for all things geeky, although a very small shop.
Photo Credit: Yelp

G-Force Games
A gaming shop on the high street. The prices were relatively expensive but the choice was good.
Photo Credit: Yell

So I didn't up going because I was pretty tired but they have gaming tournamenets which sound really cool. They are a gaming pub that also do Japanese snacks. The arcade passes are £3 and they are open 12-9.
Photo Credit: Glasgow Live

Super Bario
Another bar and arcade that I didn't end up going to!
Photo Credit: Glasgow Live

Things To Eat

Hillhead Bookclub
A very instgrammable place for food. I had a grilled cheese with chips. I felt they could have used cheeses with a bit more taste but I loved the chips. I went in the hope to play the video games (but they had recently been stolen so there were none) and to use the ping pong table (being used by rowdy children for the duration of the visit). Still, a great place to go to see the decor. I couldn't see the gramophone cocktails on the menu. I found it a little expensive for the food. I took the tube because I didn't have much time (£4 all day). It's in a really good location if you want to visit Glasgow University or Kelvingrove Museum though.

Tantrum Doughnuts
Some great doughnuts with all sorts of different flavours. I recommend going early so they don't run out of the flavour you want to try. The milkshakes are really good too- the marshmallow one comes with a giant marshmallow on top. It's a little pricey though- ~£9 for two doughnuts and a milkshake.

Chakoo Bombay Cafe
A great lunch of Indian tapas that was only a 5 minute walk from Glasgow Queen Street Station for only £9.95/head. Plus there was lots of free water. I recommend the madras.

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